• 01/07/2023
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Crispy and Delicious Tempura Recipe Revealed by a Pro!

Craving for that irresistibly crispy and endlessly satisfying tempura you enjoy at Japanese restaurants? Well, guess what? You can now make it at home, and it’s incredibly easy! As someone who has worked in a traditional Japanese eatery, I have crafted a foolproof tempura recipe that can be recreated anywhere in the world. No special skills or ingredients required. If you have the desire to indulge in delicious tempura, then you’re all set! Let’s embark on a tempura-making adventure together. Note: This recipe does not require tempura flour. Table Contents 1. How to make Tempura flour(天ぷら粉)2. How to Fry Tempura 1. How to make Tempura Flour Ingredients you’ll need. ~KEY POINTS~ Remember to make the tempura flour just before frying and keep all the ingredients chilled for the best results.   RECIPE 2. How to Fry Tempura Ingredients you’ll need. ~KEY POINTS~ Using a basting brush to lightly coat the ingredients […]

  • 19/06/2023
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How to make Sushi Rice 酢飯 with videos

Unlock the Secrets of Fluffy and Flavorful Vinegar Rice.You don’t need any special skills to make sushi rice. By simply following a few key points, you can recreate the flavors of a traditional Japanese sushi restaurant. Unlock the secrets to achieving the authentic taste by mastering the art of making sushi rice at home. This recipe explains how to cook rice without using a rice cooker. If you have a rice cooker, you can refer to the quantities only. Table contents 1. Choosing the Perfect Rice for Sushi Rice and How to Make It. 2. How to Make Sushi Vinegar(すし酢) 3. Techniques for Mixing Sushi Rice. 1. Choosing the Perfect Rice for Sushi Rice and How to Make It. Perfect Rice for Sushi Rice In Japan, there is a wide variety of rice available, and each type of rice is suitable for different dishes. It can be said that the […]